Controllers for Magnetic Loop Antennas


A simple but efficient way to easily control a Magnetic Loop Antenna. The heart of the controller is the ESP32 microcontroller. A TB6600 stepper driver is used to drive a stepper motor to rotate either a butterfly, or vacuum variable capacitor. A rotary encoder is used to manually tune the capacitor but when SWR Bridge is selected from the Main Menu, full semi-automatic tuning is achieved by keying the transmitter and pushing the "tune" push button. The ILI9341 2.8" 240x320 Touch display is used to control all functions of the controller. Note: This controller does not require any specific cables to interface to a radio, as such it will work with any radio right out of the box.


The ondrive controller performs all of the functions of the coverdrive but utilities the Arduino nano Every microcontroller, the display is a 20x4 LCD to display all function of the controller.

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